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How Strong Brand Strategy Can Get More Sales, Customers, and Grow Your Business

The power of a brand is much stronger than most realize. A strong brand empowers and inspires consumers, employees, public, media, competitors, and potential investors. Why consumers? Consumers want to buy from a place that’s effective with their products and services… but also if it’s validated and valuable in society. When using the term consumer, I mean potential or active consumers for your business. A great brand will create a loyal consumer who has the potential to invest in your business for a lifetime and spread the word about how valuable you are to others within their network.   Why employees? Employees are people, and people are always looking for purpose to drive their existence. A Person spends most of their time at your company, and you better believe they are searching for deep meaning in their work. Brand will give employees at every level the driving purpose they need to want to work for your business.   Why Public? Public must respect and value your brand in order to build a groundswell around the perception of your brand. Let’s say, you never bought an Apple product, given what you’ve heard from consumers of Apple, you see it as high [...]

How Netflix’s Brand Strategy Is Destroying Its Streaming Service Dominance

How Netflix’s Brand Strategy Is Destroying Its Streaming Service Dominance

Netflix is a great tech company whom curates some of the most prestigious streaming video content in the world, their customer service and user engagement is top notch, they hold arguably the loyalest subscriber base of any tech brand. And according to NASDAQ, they are top 3 in market capitalization across the United States. But all is not good for the tech Goliath. Here's why... Let's say you've corned the market with your business in recent years, wouldn't you feel like you can afford a little oversight? Perhaps overlook a bit of the brand, maybe pull back on the marketing push, because who the hell needs it when there is no competition in sight? Well, this is not the climate of 2012 where Netflix was largely unmatched, powerful brands are moving into the direct-to-consumer streaming services market, and they aren't looking to be in 2nd place. Unfortunately, Netflix is so hyper-focused on producing content in reaction, they've backed off any serious development and deployment of any brand or branding strategy... They're betting on product-based marketing. So you will not see a brand awareness or marketing campaign from Netflix outside of showing ads associated with one of their shows. And if [...]

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