Contract Setup & Client Qualification Form

Terms and Conditions.

Contract Setup Fee, Limitation of Liability, and Payment Integrity Guidelines

By accessing this website and submitting the ‘Contract Setup & Client Qualification Form,’ you (‘User’ or ‘Undersigned’) hereby irrevocably agree to, and will indemnify and hold harmless Brand Babylon (‘Company’), that the Company’s singular obligation in return for a non-refundable payment of Seventy-Five U.S. Dollars ($75.00 USD) is to generate and transmit a Contract Agreement to the email or contact information provided by the User in the submitted form. You expressly acknowledge, consent to, and agree that the $75.00 USD fee solely covers the cost and effort for the generation and delivery of said Contract Agreement and nothing else.

Furthermore, you agree that any reversal, chargeback, or dispute of the $75.00 USD payment through your credit card company, bank, or any other financial institution is explicitly unauthorized and constitutes fraudulent activity and an illegal act, thereby exposing you to potential legal action, including but not limited to, civil and criminal penalties under applicable laws and regulations.

You shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Brand Babylon against any and all losses, damages, liabilities, deficiencies, claims, actions, judgments, settlements, interest, awards, penalties, fines, costs, or expenses of whatever kind, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of or relating to any unauthorized or illegal reversal or dispute of said payment.

Setup and Initialization Fee Definition

Payment of a Contract Setup and/or Client Account Initialization Fee (hereinafter ‘Initialization Fee’) is mandated for all prospective clients as part of the ‘Contract Setup & Client Qualification Form.’ This fee is non-refundable and amounts to Seventy-Five U.S. Dollars ($75.00 USD). Please note that this fee is not an additional charge but will be credited towards the final agreed-upon cost of your project.

Example: Should we finalize your project cost at $10,000 USD, the Initialization Fee will be applied as a credit, reducing your final invoice to $9,925 USD.

Rationale for Initialization Fee

Resource Allocation: Brand Babylon commits significant resources, including but not limited to, personnel time, operational bandwidth, and sometimes intellectual ingenuity to the preliminary stages of client account setup. This process detracts from our capacity to service existing clients and genuine prospects. The Initialization Fee ensures that we allocate our resources judiciously to clients who are fully committed to progressing with Brand Babylon.

Client Commitment: The payment of the Initialization Fee is a demonstrable indicator of a client’s seriousness and readiness to engage in a project with Brand Babylon. Given that initiating a new client account involves a considerable investment of time for consultation, document preparation, and communication, the fee serves as a mutually beneficial commitment device. It confirms your readiness to proceed while assuring that Brand Babylon invests its finite resources into genuinely committed prospective clients.

By paying this Initialization Fee, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms outlined herein, and further indemnify Brand Babylon against any reversals, chargebacks, or unauthorized disputes relating to this payment under ‘Payment Integrity Guidelines.

Terms and Time-Sensitive Conditions

By accessing this website and submitting the ‘Contract Setup & Client Qualification Form,’ you (‘User’ or ‘Undersigned’) hereby acknowledge and agree as follows:

Document Analytics: You are aware that Brand Babylon will employ document analytics to monitor activities related to the Contract Agreement. These analytics will track when the document is opened, which pages are viewed, time spent on each page, signatures, and downloads. Failure to open or view the Contract Agreement within 72 hours of its issuance may result in the cancellation of the contract offer. This is to ensure effective utilization of the limited and valuable resources deployed by Brand Babylon in the client onboarding process.

Expiration of Quote: You understand that any quote or contractual offer provided by Brand Babylon will expire within 72 hours from the submission of this form, requiring prompt action on your end.

Stakeholder Consensus: You confirm that you have the full backing and authorization from all decision-makers, partners, co-investors, and co-signers involved in this project to initiate and proceed with the services offered by Brand Babylon.

Financial Preparedness: You affirm that you have allocated the necessary funds for this project and are prepared to initiate the project upon agreeing to these terms.

Contract and Payment Timelines: You commit to reviewing, signing, and returning the Contract Agreement, as well as making the initial payment, within 72 hours following the receipt of the signed Contract Agreement from Brand Babylon.

Resource Commitment Acknowledgment: By agreeing to these terms, you recognize that the onboarding process, including but not limited to account set-up and service initiation, involves a significant commitment of time, resources, and potentially inventive effort from Brand Babylon.

Readiness to Proceed: You are fully prepared to initiate and follow through on the project as outlined in the Contract Agreement with Brand Babylon, understanding that any delays or failure to proceed may result in additional costs or termination of the agreement.

By submitting this ‘Contract Setup & Client Qualification Form,’ you signify your unconditional agreement to these terms and conditions.