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The modern form of branding was popularized by Coca-Cola and McDonald’s during the mid 20th century where consumer brand competition was on the rise, so charismatic brands felt the need to carve their own niches/corners of the market. Well, the internet has yielded a level of market saturation and business competition never before seen in human history… and its only going to become more competitive. According to GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) international report, more than 100 million startups are launched every year, which is about 3 startups who start a business per second… And According to Kauffman startup index, over 550,000 new entrepreneurs are entering into the market to bring fresh and cutting-edge competition… and those numbers are increasing rapidly.

Brand Babylon was created to help brands work smarter by facilitating forward-thinking strategies, functional design, and technologies to allow our customers to create, connect, and cultivate relationships with their current and future audience. 

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You can use our logo, brand name, and branding where you have the right to do so, but please don’t do anything that could be considered misleading – that includes altering our logo or combining them with any other graphics, using the Brand Babylon name in your app name, or implying endorsement from or a partnership with Brand Babylon without written consent from us.


If in doubt, feel free to get in touch with us at legal[at]brandbabylon[dot]com

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