Risk & Outcomes Disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: Brand Babylon delivers digital marketing, branding, advertising, and design services with a commitment to innovation and excellence. Any and all client(s) and user(s) hereby explicitly acknowledge the inherent unpredictability of market forces and understand that Brand Babylon, along with its affiliates and representatives, cannot guarantee specific or broad outcomes, including, but not limited to, sales, leads, profits, impressions, traffic volume, revenue, and/or any other metric related to our services.

By engaging with Brand Babylon and its services, clients explicitly agree and acknowledge that all outcomes are inherently subject to market and service-related uncertainties. Consequently, Brand Babylon, including its affiliates and representatives, expressly disclaims any assurances, guarantees, or warranties regarding the achievement of specific metrics, objectives, or results.

Any user or client engaging with Brand Babylon, in any capacity, hereby agrees to indemnify, absolve, and hold Brand Babylon, along with its partners and affiliates, unequivocally harmless from any and all liabilities, claims, penalties, damages, losses, costs, and expenses, including but not limited to attorney's fees, arising directly or indirectly from the strategies, tactic(s), performance(s), and/or any outcome(s), including the absence of outcomes, related to our services. This indemnity covers all forms of legal claims, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, related to the provision and effects of our services. Also, they shall unequivocally accept, assume, and bear full responsibility for all financial, economic, and social risks, including any legal disputes and associated costs and attorney's fees, arising from or connected with these engagements.

Any forecasts, predictions, or anticipations provided by Brand Babylon or its associates are purely speculative, serving as potential outlooks rather than binding commitments or guarantees. By engaging with Brand Babylon, clients expressly acknowledge and consent to the speculative nature and inherent uncertainties of any forecasts provided, clearly understanding that such speculation and forecasting cannot be assured, promised, or anticipated as reliable outcomes, owing to the volatile dynamics of our services and the market(s).

Any claims or disputes related in any way to your use of Brand Babylon's services shall be submitted to and resolved by binding arbitration in Clark County, Nevada. By using our services, you agree that Nevada law will govern these terms and conditions, as well as any dispute that might arise between you and Brand Babylon.

This understanding is a prerequisite for any engagement with Brand Babylon, all clients and users agree to bear full responsibility for interpreting and acting upon any provided forecasts, and shall fully absolve Brand Babylon and its affiliates from liability for any discrepancies between forecasts and actual outcomes. Thereby, binding clients and users to the acknowledgment that all projections are theoretical and inherently subject to the inherent unpredictability of market forces and our collaborative services.