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Guest Blogger & Content Creator

Brand Babylon is accepting submission of blog article writers from any niche with a unique perspective to produce authority content that will educate our readers on brand-related strategy, market trends, business, entertainment, digital media, gaming, publishing, technology, design, marketing, or any other relevant topics.  If you are certain that you can offer rich and smart content to our audience, then please submit your topic idea(s), professional background, web or mobile presence, and contact information.

Topic Guidelines

Brand is the undercurrent to everything in the world, and we understand that it is interpreted as many things across various fields, but that’s the point! We would love to work with guest copywriters or content creators from any walk of life, if the topic they plan to discuss on our platform is connected to brand. Articles can be written from nearly any profession in existence because brand is everywhere, you might read articles from the most unlikeliest of professionals ranging from a neuroscientist, law enforcement, philanthropist, designer, actor, marketer, leaders, historian, medical practitioner, yogi, theologist, engineer, nutritionist, author, entrepreneur, and much more.. because all professionals can talk deeply about how brand plays an integral part within their daily activities.

Topics we’re looking for must use the subject of, or methodology for, Brand to help our readers learn and grow, perform better, enhance their ingenuity, identify or forecast trends, solve problems, start a business, or launch product or services.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Advertising or Marketing

Business or Entrepreneur

Book Publishing

Brand & Business Strategy

Brand Corporate Culture

Brand Corporate or Startup Identity

Brand Design

Brand Trends of Best/Top Global Brands

Branding or Rebranding

Brands Best Practices & Challenges

Business or Entrepreneur

Celebrity & Famous Brands

Concept Design

Customer or User Experience


Employee Training & Onboarding

Entertainment / Media

Fashion & Clothing

Graphic Design, Logo, or Print Design


Market Trends or Consumer Behavior

Mobile Apps & Tech


Popular Topic (Newsworthy)

Public Relations (P.R.)

Reputation Management

Sales & Customer Service

Social Media

Technology Trends

The Science of Brand

Website Design & Development


Writing Guidelines

Critical content & word count:

Brand Babylon is interested in well-researched articles which demonstrates long form critical thinking with a unique perspective for our readers. We are interested in engaging and dynamic articles with references, sources, cross-links, and supplemental content which may include media, images, videos, charts, audio, lists, quizzes, apps, automation, and/or supporting documentation that can be embedded within the article to heighten the value and authenticity of your article to our audience. In a nutshell, we are only interested in original thinking and relevant content, because we will not entertain or accept any topic, article, or media content that is unoriginal, recycled or repurposed, or irrelevant to brand.

Each article must be a minimum of 1,500 words in length.


Each article should accurately cite relevant and high authority sources, such as studies, articles, books, statistical data, and reports. Please only include links to your own website if it is contextually relevant with your stance, perspective, or point being communicated where the link is inserted, and please don’t include more than one link to your own site.



Brand Babylon is looking for original content only. Please don’t send us anything that’s already been published in another location.



We will not accept submissions or articles that just simply promotes you or your brand. The point of the article is to offer our audience value and insightful content to help them.



Please include a bio with your submission, including a head shot. The bio should be no longer than 150 words. Please include 2 links to your website and to the highest authority third party website you’ve been featured on or have written for.